American College Theatre Festival!

Wooo, well this week was a DOOZY.

A production I was in last February/March at school was invited to be a full performance at the Kennedy Center American College Theatre Festival (KCACTF- I know, it’s a mouthful) this year! This meant we’d be competing against other school’s invited performances for a chance to go to the next level in DC with our show, and perform it at the Kennedy Center!


This was the first day we ran the show with our numbers this week! 31675 is mine. These numbers were things holocaust victims were branded with to keep track of them. They were given numbers and they were treated as numbers.
In performance, our numbers were written much smaller on our arms, reflecting how it was in real life more accurately.

The show is called Who Will Carry the Word? It’s adapted from a memoir by Charlotte Delbot, a French holocaust survivor. It’s directed by Dr. Anthony Hostetter and Movement Directed by Melanie Stewart. Working with both of them has been really awesome and wonderful. The play tells the story of 20 women imprisoned in the Auschwitz/Birkenau Concentration Camps. It’s an incredibly strong, movement-based piece that we worked with and played with and adapted, and have been for close to a year now. The show felt strong, but for me, it felt like the playing and good choices had only just begun last year. I was excited for this opportunity to revisit a lot of choices, and my character, and physicality! I could go on for seventy million years about the cast and how phenomenal they all are, and the group dynamic we had. But I will make a very long story short and say that these are some of the most connected, interesting, strongest women, and I’m so glad I’ve been able to work with them. Playing off of them and getting to know them has been an experience I’m so grateful to have had. I think I’ve learned the most from them.

I played Yvonne, a woman who suffered from dysentery. She was strong, courageous, out-spoken, and I think she was little…not cynical, but very realistic. In my opinion, she realized the importance of survival, but knew, due to her condition, and what she was handed in life, she would not be among the survivors. She accepted this, but didn’t let it affect the amount of care and energy she put toward the other women in her group.


Me as Yvonne in the Spring production. I believe photo credit goes to Dave Cimetta. I will update if this is incorrect.

Dysentery was definitely an interesting physical challenge. But, hey! Clenched butts in performance equals a niiiice butt in real life! So that’s exciting! I had forgotten how physically demanding this show was. I was fending off a cold when rehearsals started, and it’s like my body knew it couldn’t get sick, because the cold just stopped. But it hit me like a ton of bricks today, the day after the shows.

I kind of want to give a run down of the process, because it was interesting and a learning experience!

Friday, the 10th: I drove to school, and had rehearsal 5-9. This was a rough one, everyone was feeling really silly with reunion.

Saturday, the 11th:Rehearsal 10-6. An hour lunch break. We worked super hard. Everyone’s bodies were starting to ache.

Sunday, the 12th: Rehearsal 10-6 again. I got a two hour lunch break this time because I died an hour before lunch break! Wahoo, the joys of dysentery!

Monday, the 13th: Call at noon!! Yay! We worked some things out, and got a lunch break, and then were called for a dress rehearsal in front of a Contemporary World Theatre class. After the dress rehearsal, we broke down the set and got it ready to go.

Tuesday, the 14th: We left the school at 11:30ish, and got to the university that the festival is taking place in. We loaded in the set and put it all together. Then, we had a surprise run through, which was a little crazy cause none of us expected it, but it was good to be able to run it in the space! We left after our run and rested up for the shows the next day.

Wednesday, the 15th: Left school at a whopping 6:15 in the morning! (I don’t think I used whopping correctly in that sentence. Oh well.) Anyway, our call was at 7:45, and we warmed up and got ready for the first show, which began at 9:30. The audience was really attentive and they clapped at the end! I know that sounds weird, but when we did it in school, people were always really confused about if they were able to clap after such a serious show, but you could tell this audience was appreciative of the message, and really enjoyed the performance. It was lovely, and exhilarating!


This place looked like Hogwarts, and I was feeling feels.


A building at West Chester University, where KCACTF is taking place.

After the first show, we got lunch, and came back to get ready for our next show at 2:30. We preset, warmed up a little, and did all that good stuff. This audience was also really attentive (except for a few people in the front row who were apparently sleeping umm). For our curtain call, we all came out with our pictures of holocaust victims we paid homage to, and stood in a line as a cast with our pictures. We had been told to remain on stage for the woman working KCACTF to give us a plaque. And as we stood there during the applause, a girl in tears stood up. Then another girl. Then a guy. And soon the entire theatre was standing up, and I was getting emotional.

I don’t know, standing ovations are a really emotional, lovely thing in general. But with a show like this, knowing that people were affected, people received the message we were trying to convey, people appreciated all the hard work and love that went into this show, and most importantly were able to empathize and be touched by the true story of these victims just really got to me, and I think the whole cast, in that moment. All the bodily pain and emotions and stuff were worth it.

There’s so much to mention about my time with this show, and it’s hard to all fit in one post! I want to talk more about the cast, and how we had 3 new cast members in JUST THIS WEEK and how they picked up the show and performed it WITHIN A WEEK. That’s a lot. And also, what is this show without our experience with Manya? Manya is a holocaust survivor we were fortunate enough to meet. She is in her 90’s and is THE most inspirational, sweetest, most amazing woman. She’s Polish, speaks with an accent that she says is a combination of many things, and has the most beautiful outlook on life.


This is Manya with the cast on our opening night in February 2013. She is a beautiful, wonderful woman. Can you even believe she’s in her 90’s??


And that’s how I feel about KCACTF.


Event Planning: NYE, Food Edition!

In my last post about my New Year’s Eve party, I mentioned how I love to figure out which recipes I’ll be making for each party by repinning recipes from Pinterest!

I’m not at the point in my cooking life in which I’m adapting recipes left and right, so I will link you straight to the recipes I used with their respectful blogs!

Please click on the pictures to visit the recipes! None of the pictures used are mine.


Mini Spinach Lasagna Roll-Ups.


Spinach, Mozerella, and Pesto Crescent Rolls. (In this recipe, I used Garlic Butter Pillsbury Crescent Rolls instead, and it tasted great.)



Chicken and Spinach Pasta Bake (seriously SO GOOD, WOULD RECOMMEND.)



New Year’s Toffee Bark! The recipe calls it Christmas Crack. Instead of red and green M&M’s, I used silver and gold M&M-like candies I got from William’s Sonoma.


Event Planning: New Year’s Eve!


The countdown!

Personally, I felt that 2013 was a bit of stand-still for me. I wasn’t sure in which direction I wanted to take my education of theatre. I felt stuck in a crossroads: knowing what I wanted, not knowing how to achieve it. I also felt like I wasn’t at a top-notch place with my view on myself either. I think that 2013 was the road to good things. I started therapy for some anxiety issues that have made me feel less than myself these past couple years, and I feel like that is well on its way to being under control. I love myself wholeheartedly again, and I’m finally at a place that I can say I have a clearer plan for how I intend my future to play out.

I’m going to consider 2013 a filler. I loved so many things that happened this year, and everything deserves acknowledgement, because without that, what was I doing all year? You don’t take a break from living. But now I feel that I’ve made decisions, and I can feel that 2014 will be more of a conscious-choice and fulfillment kind of year for me. Those are my favorite kind of years.

So! In order to celebrate, what do we do?? PARTY, OBVIOUSLY.


I knew I really wanted a solid gold backdrop for SOMETHING, because I repinned it onto my NYE board and i could not stop thinking about it . I found this fabric at JoAnn’s on sale, and I think it looks lovely draped there! I’m obsessed with lights, so they had to be there. The gold vase is from Homegoods, the glass vases next to them are filled with silver and gold ornaments, and I used small silver tea candle holders next to them. I like the symmetrical feel of it!

I don’t know if I’ve talked about it on this blog yet, but I really do love me some good event planning. Love. It. I love organizing and decorating and seeing how everything comes together!

For me, the party planning process usually starts with a Pinterest board. (link to my pinterest here, and link to my NYE party board here.) I use it like an inspiration board, (as it’s intended to be used, I think?) and gather all of my ideas and inspiration; gather a color scheme and decoration ideas, as well as browsing my food boards and deciding which recipes work the best!

If you are interested in what was cooked and served at my party, I will link to that blog post here!

My color scheme: gold and silver, obvi.


These NYE letters were a bit of a last minute decision! I saw them in the craft store and decided to grab them. I painted them silver and voila!

I was actually the most unorganized with this party as I have been with a party in a while. I left all the shopping until the day of the party. Luckily, I had organized myself with shopping lists, decided which stores to hit in which order, and had my dress already. Also luckily, guests weren’t arriving until 7:00, so I had all day to shop and get the house ready. There was not a dull moment, let me just tell you!

I’m just gonna insert pictures and let you see for yourself what the outcome was!


I found these beautiful gold ball string lights at Marshalls for $3! The apothocary jar (I HAVE THIS THING FOR GLASS JARS, OKAY?) was about $8. The glitter candlesticks were leftover from a party I had over the summer. Pretty much just mod-podged on some gold glitter to wooden candlesticks, found at AC Moore!


I always like to have a drinks/pretty table. I knew I wanted somewhere to display the noisemakers and party things, and the giant martini glass seemed very appropriate! (Marshalls/Homegoods!) The napkins and plates were from the party store, and the plastic champagne flutes as well. The tin drink tub is from AC Moore.


I made the little stirrers for these glasses the day of the party! I used glued small wooden beads onto skewers, let them dry, then painted the top metallic silver!


Here is a picture of the full table! The balloons were a last minute decision as well, I just wanted to get some height to this table!

Here’s to the good things, new experiences, and lessons learned in 2014. As the psychic I visited yesterday said, “it’ll be a good one!” (Hopefully she’s right. I will make it so!)

Dorm Decorating: Clocks!

Hello there, friendly faces!

Clocks! You can make a clock with just about anything! Decoupage, paint, stick on some fake flowers, some stickers, pictures! Just as long as the thing you want to make it out of is able to have a hole drilled into it, and can fit a clock kit and hands, you are golden!

This can be used to dress up boring dorm walls, and can be used for functionality and practicality as well! Keeping you organized with time!

Today’s post comes with a bit of backstory!

My best friend is named Kelly. When Kelly was like 5 or something, she sat on Santa’s lap at the mall, and told him what she wanted for Christmas: an analog clock and pencils. (Yes, 5 years old. Nerds Unite!!)

Soooooo, when I found a DIY on clocks, my thought process went as follows: “clock, analog clock, analog clock and pencils, analog clock WITH PENCILS!!!”

And that’s when I decided I would make Kelly an analog clock WITH pencils.

oh myyy

This is Kelly and I being incredibly photogenic.

With a plan of clock, pencils, and dictionary decoupage (because smart!) in mind, I went on an adventure to AC Moore!



Dictionary (I made copies of the pages)

Mod Podge

Yellow Acrylic Paint if not using real pencils.

Note: If you do plan to use real pencils, make sure they’re thin enough to fit on your clock kit!

A clock base (Started with just a circle of wood, and went back to buy the pre-drilled hole clock base at AC Moore.)


A clock kit (found at AC Moore for about $8.00) I bought the one with hands and numbers included.


A long strip of THIN wood to make the pencils.

I  also ended up using a hole punch and larger, sparkly black numbers.

First, I picked out words in the dictionary I wanted to feature. I started with “friendship,” “French horn” (she plays the french horn), “space,” because she likes space and universes and the like, “acting,” “cello” (show joke), and “celebrities.” I ended up only using “friendship,” “acting,” “French Horn,” and “Space.”

First, cut those featured words out of your copied dictionary pages.


Then, begin to decoupage! Cut the rest of the pages up into sizeable chunks, depending on the size of your clock base. I painted Mod Podge on the backs of the paper, and stuck it on  the clock base, covering the edges first.


Next, fill in the middle space, still working with “extra” words, and not your featured words yet. Take care not to cover up your clock’s hole!

Once you’ve filled in the spaces, start figuring out where you want to place your featured words.

Tip: Try to find a place they won’t get covered by numbers or the center of the clock. It all depends on your clock’s size. 

I ended up with this:


Give a nice coat of Mod Podge right over that baby!


While you wait for that to dry, get to crafting the pencils!

This is where I went off and did what I WANTED! By all means, you are welcome to copy my project if you’re seeing this and liking it, but you don’t have to. So basically, this sentence acts as an excuse for my writing switching from second-person instructions to first-person instructions. (I’m sorry, I couldn’t let it slide!!)

My wooden thing was thin enough to cut with scissors. I cut it in half, and then cut diagonally on both sides to make a tip like a pencil. Then I cut the other half of the wood to match.



I did the next step when my clock was mostly dry, but you can do it at any time!

At first, I wanted to use the pencils as hands. So I measured how long my “minute hand” pencil would be in relation to the center hole of the clock base, then did the same with the “hour hand” pencil.


Once those were cut down to size, I punched a hole in the bottom with a regular hole punch. (This was not easy! Really used those muscles!) Then, I painted my “pencils” yellow, and colored in the tip with an actual pencil!


It turned out that the hole punch made a hole too big to fit well on the clock gears. So I snipped the hole-y ends off and adapted!

Once the Mod Podge had dried, it was time to assemble the clock face. I didn’t like the look of the small, gold numbers. SO! I took some larger sparkly, black number stickers and stuck them on the clock face. You may want to spend a little time getting the spacing right!


I followed the instructions on the back of my clock kit to assemble to clock face and kit, and then I set the time.

IMG_7838 (1)

At this point, I still wanted to incorporate the pencils. After all, that was the whole point, wasn’t it?

So, with the ends snipped off, I got out the hot glue gun and glued the pencils on in places that still resembled clock hands, and didn’t block any featured words!


At this point, I could have been done! But I noticed that the clock hands were just too faint to see, especially with the pencils there throwing you off.

So, I gave them a quick spritz of black spray paint, and assembled them right back on!


There! Now Kelly will be able to tell what time it is, and still appreciate the cuteness of the pencils!

And there you have it! An analog clock made WITH pencils.

No Bake Chocolate Strawberry Cupcakes and Summer Nights!

Gooood morning (afternoon), people of the world! I come to you today with a recipe that comes out looking very fancy, makes you feel like Susie Homemaker, and tastes GREAT.


Let’s say that today’s Moral of the Post is to find the good in every day, and to try to live it up as it’s happening. As a planner, I do a lot of anticipating and waiting, and …well, planning. But sometimes I need to take my own advice and live in the moment. And try to take life day to day.

I brought some cupcakes to a bonfire/pool/screening party the other day at a friend’s house. The night was full of summery goodness with a nice pool, roasting marshmallows, making S’mores, and spending time with friends. I tried living in the moment there. See where this is going??

Let’s get onto these cupcakes.


I have called them “The Fanciest Shit” cupcakes, if you’ll excuse the profanity, because it was just so exciting when I first made them with my friend Krista! You can call them “Fancy Chocolate Strawberry Cream Cupcakes” if you want. Or you know, do whatever. I don’t own you.

This recipe is from a book Krista brought over called Cupcake Heaven. (Hey, Krista, I know you’re in Disney and all [who’s jealous??], but you left your cupcake book at my house.)

Basically, first, you’ll want to make a double boiler. Put a glass bowl over a pot of boiling water. You’ll want to make sure that the bowl to pot ratio makes it so that the bowl doesn’t touch the bottom of the pot, but sits atop it. You don’t want any steam coming out from under the bowl. Keep in mind that when your water starts boiling, you don’t really want it to touch the bottom of the bowl; put in a small enough amount of water so that that doesn’t happen.

(I’m sorry I didn’t take picture of this part!) Put your chocolate chips, corn syrup, and butter into the glass bowl. Set the burner for your double boiler to medium-low heat.

While that melts, put the cornflakes in a Ziploc bag. Take out a rolling pin. And HULK, SMASH!!! (Into nice, delicate, fine pieces. 🙂 )

Once the chocolate chips start melting, start stirring the mixture with a rubber spatula.

Once everything is melted together and smooth, remove the bowl (carefully) from the pot, and remove the pot from heat.

Now, pour your cornflakes in small increments into the bowl with your chocolate! Mix that up!


After it’s all mixed together and lookin’ good, take out a non-stick cupcake tin (I didn’t have non-stick, so I sprayed lightly with cooking spray). Spoon your cornflake/chocolate mixture evenly into the cupcake tins.

This is another fun part! Now you get to make little nesty dents in the cupcake base with the bottom of your spoon!

Now that’s done, go ahead and stick your cupcake tin in the fridge for approximately 30-45 minutes. Or 20 minutes in the freezer should also do the trick.

In the meantime, please relax! (Unless, you know, you have Very Important Things to do. Do them. But also RELAX.) Make a cup of tea, or whatever you like to drink, read a book, Tumbl, you do you! Enjoy the moment!

Also, during this time, you can choose to be Fancy As Shit, and make your own whipped cream. It’s fun to do it the Fancy way, and use your arm muscles!

Choose your own Adventure!

I want to be fancy! Good for you! Pour your heavy cream into a bowl and add the powdered sugar. (I used approximately half a tablespoon more powdered sugar than was called for.) Now Whip it Real Good!

I couldn’t find my electric beater, so we had to use a WHISK and ARM MUSCLES. It’s a good thing Krista is a beast at life and has better arm muscles than I do! Either way, though, whip that fanciness to stiff peaks! (Basically until it’s a consistency that resembles cool whip. Not too runny!)

I DON’T want to be fancy! No problemo, dude, I respect that! Buy some Cool Whip. The end. I’ve done this both ways, and both end just as well!

Also during this time, you’ll also want to cut up your strawberries into small pieces!

When the time is up for the cupcake bases, remove your tin from the cold place of your choosing. Grab a pallet knife (or, you know, any kinda knife) and start prying up and removing the cupcake bases, and putting them onto a plate.

*If, in this step, you notice your cupcake bases crumbling and falling apart, put them back in the tin (mash down and reshape again if you have to), and stick the tin back in the fridge (or freezer, if you’re losing patience) for another 10ish minutes.

Once they’re all out, top the chocolate bases with a layer of strawberries. Follow up with dollop of whipped cream. Next add another layer of strawberries!

*Optional excitement! Krista had the WONDERFUL idea of chopping up some left over chocolate chips and sprinkling chocolate on top of the cupcakes!

They came out quite wonderfully, if I do say so!


Tip: You should store these bad boys in the fridge until you’re ready to eat them, because they’ll get all melty!


They were a hit at the bonfire, and we ate them with our S’mores!

Sometimes you just need a little bit of baking and friends to get you through the day. This was a great day, and I’m looking forward to many more like it throughout the rest of the summer!

Hope you’re having a wonderful day! 😀


Makes 1 dozen.

Recipe adapted from Cupcake Heaven.

For the cupcakes:

8 oz. semi-sweet chocolate

1/2 cup sweet butter

4 tbsp. light corn syrup

5 1/2 cups cornflakes

For the topping:

1 1/4 cups heavy cream

1 to 2 tbsp. confectioner’s sugar

*2 tbsp. kirsch or brandy (optional. There’s no liqueur in my house!)

2 cups fresh strawberries, finely chopped.

*12 fresh strawberries. (If you opt to top with whole strawberries rather than chopped.)


1. Place chocolate, corn syrup, and butter in a double boiler. Allow chocolate to melt before stirring.

2. Put cornflakes in a plastic bag and crush with a rolling pin.

3. Remove chocolate from heat and add cornflakes. Stir to coat evenly.

4. Divide mixture among 12 cups in a nonstick cupcake tin. Using a teaspoon, press the mixture into the base and up the side of each cup. Chill in the refrigerator or freezer.

5. Combine cream and confectioner’s sugar in a bowl and beat until smooth. If using liqueur, fold that in. Beat until your reach a whipped cream texture. Chop strawberries.

6. Using a knife, carefully remove the chocolate cups from the pan. Divide the chopped strawberries among the cups. Fill each with a dollop of cream and top with strawberries and/or chocolate.

College Dorm Essentials


In a previous post “Your Freshman Dorm,” I talked about posting a list of “essentials” for your college dorm. These are things that are must-haves for your dorm, or things that I’ve found I needed in school!

If you want to see how I organized all of these things with a nice spreadsheet, scroll on down to the end!

Let’s start with the unexpected:

  • -A FAN!!!!! I was not prepared for it, but it was hot. No A/C.
  • -A refillable, filtered water bottle. Brita makes a great one. In my dorm, our mini-fridge was too small to hold gallons or jugs of water, and getting a lot of water bottles is expensive! This is great to have.
  • -Batteries- you never know.
  • -Light bulbs. My freshman dorm didn’t have overhead lighting, and what are you gonna do when your lamp bulb goes out Luckily, we both had lightbulbs!
  • -For doing laundry, I would recommend getting laundry detergent pods. They’re super easy and you just throw them in!
  • -A lap desk. There were so many times I would eat in bed while doing some homework. I used the lap desk as a little table off to the side so that I could have my computer on my lap!
  • -Swiffer. Not a mop, not a broom! A wet broom? It picks stuff up- trust me, it gets DUSTY in there.
  • -Disinfecting surface wipes. Sooo convenient if you’ve got a bathroom to clean. Or even just a desk! Clorox makes them, but you can get just as good store brands!
  • -Paper towels- you wouldn’t initially think of them, but there are spills!
  • -TOILET PAPER: i know this doesn’t sound unexpected. But the unexpected part was the AMOUNT. In my suite, 6 girls shared a bathroom. We went through toilet paper like CRAZY.
  • -Shower flip flops. Bring them. Wear them.
  • -Air freshener.
  • -Lint roller.
  • -White board. I can’t tell you how organized this kept me. I would write out all the things i needed to get done that day, along with my schedule for the week right next to it.
  • -Printer. I would spring for one- it really was so much more convenient than having to go to a lab or the library.
  • -Paper plates, bowls, napkins, and utensils. I was all “nooo, I want real plates and bowls.” You will not want to wash your dishes. Trust me, disposable is the way to go.
  • Velcro command strips. Hangs up everything. Blue tack doesn’t do the trick on cement walls.
  • -Along the same vein, mounting tape. It’s like command strips, but without the Velcro! Held up my pictures like magic.
  • -OTC meds. Do not get stuck in finals week with a cold and no medicine. (See below for an explanation of my med kit.)
  • -Ice pack/heating pad. Cramps, pains, etc. I had one from CVS that I could microwave and put in the freezer to be both.

So those are the unexpecteds or essentials. Let’s get onto the must-haves!!


  • -Mattress Pad (your bed will probably not be comfortable. Bump that up!)
  • -Sheets/Comforter (most college beds are twin extra long, or Twin XL.)
  • -Extra pair of sheets
  • -Bedside caddy (goes right near your bed so that you don’t have to get up!)
  • -Alarm clock
  • -Mattress protector (from bed bugs!)
  • -Sleeping mask
  • -Ear plugs


  • -Hangers (Marshalls, I think, had a pack of 100 for cheap!)
  • -Full-length mirror
  • -Shoe hanging storage (I used this not only for shoes, but to store A LOT of things.)
  • -Robe/Slippers (you’ll want them for those 4:30 AM fire drills!)


  • -Underbed storage (I had a trunk reminiscent of Harry Potter! You can use any kind of storage box.)
  • -Duffle Bag/Luggage (to get back and forth from home and to help move in and out!)
  • -Bath storage/caddy.
  • -Over-Bed organizer. (Bed, Bath, and Beyond sells a great one!)
  • -Storage bins for over closet
  • -Over-door towel rack


  • -Laundry bag/Hamper
  • -Towels and Washcloths
  • -Laundry detergent (pods are great!)
  • -Ironing board (Check if you are allowed to have one!)
  • -Shower gel
  • -Shampoo/Conditioner
  • -Shower curtain
  • -Bathroom cleaning materials.
  • -Swiffer
  • -Cotton balls/pads
  • -Tissues
  • -Toilet Paper
  • -Nail clippers/file
  • -Shaving cream
  • -Razors
  • -Air freshener
  • -Dryer sheets
  • -Lint roller


  • -Desk supplies (pens, pencils, post-its, paper [white and lined], scissors, stapler, white out, calculator)
  • -Class bag
  • -Desk lamp
  • -Book light
  • -White board/Cork board
  • -Surge protector/Power strip
  • -Flash drives
  • -Laptop lock (for studying in public places if there’s a theft problem at your school)
  • -Backrest pillow
  • -Notebooks/folders
  • -Printer
  • -Computer


  • -Refillable filter water bottle
  • -Water filter jug (if it fits)
  • -Paper plates/bowls
  • -Plastic cups/utensils
  • -Microwave safe bowl
  • -Breakfast foods (not things that will go stale quickly.)
  • -Thermos


  • -OTC meds (Tylenol/Advil, Cough syrup,  Tums, Cough Drops, etc.)
  • -Allergy meds
  • -Antibacterial cream (like Neosporin)
  • -Band Aids
  • -Ace Bandage
  • -Midol
  • AirBorne (or other immune system support)

med kit

This is a picture of my little medical kit! It’s just an old pencil case.

In it, I have Advil Cold & Sinus, the Walgreens version of Vicks VapoRub, cough syrup, Midol, Tums, and those little tubey things are a natural immune support. It’s called Oscillo, or Oscillococcinum, you can buy it (for a lot) at Target. A good alternative to these is AirBorne.


  • -Batteries
  • -Flashlight
  • -Umbrella/Raincoat/Rainboots
  • -Sewing kit
  • -Garbage bags
  • -Fan
  • -Door stops
  • -Hair stuff
  • -Makeup
  • -Skin care
  • -Light bulbs
  • -Floor lamp
  • -Area rug


spreadsheetHere is my organized spreadsheet! Organized according to category and color! (Please click to make larger!)

Blue is “to purchase”. Gonna be honest, I didn’t end up purchasing a lot of those things. Just think about if you think you’ll use them.

Red is “already have.”

Black is “already have, and have many.” Like Q-tips, cotton pads, pens, etc.

Purple is “talk over with roommate/suitemate(s).”

I hope this list was able to help you! I also hope you have a marvelous day!

-Alli 😀


It seems like interning is the thing to do in college. Rightfully so! It opens up doors, shows you opportunities, lets you experience different things, and figure out what you like and don’t like about different aspects of different work environments.

I’ve been fortunate enough this summer to have two internships. Which pay me. HOW GREAT IS THAT? (Word to the wise, if you have an unpaid internship and you are not being compensated in SOME WAY, I have heard that it is actually illegal on the “employer’s” part. At least where I live. So, keep that in mind, it’s always good to know your facts!)

Internship 1: One internship is at my mom’s workplace. One of her co-workers had a bunch of tedious work that needed to get done last summer, and they brought me in to get it all done. Then, this summer, I was able to return and do more! Luckily for me, I enjoy doing officey, methodical things. It’s weirdly relaxing and feels great to give my brain a routine and bang things out. I have had conference calls with people across the world if need be, and I can take a break any time and go get myself some tea from the break room!


(here, have a picture of me cheesin’ it up in the bathroom!)

I have learned through this internship, though, that sitting down at a desk for 8 hours a day just is not for me. I keep getting songs stuck in my head, I have to quietly them under my breath when all i wanna do is SING OUT, LOUISE!. And I always have to get up and move around a lot. Which results in lots of break room trips for tea. Which results in lots of bathroom breaks. (Still getting my work done punctually, though, don’t you worry!) This is good as an experience now, but if I had to do this everyday as a career, it would not work out.

I’ve also reiterated my knowledge learned that I get incredibly panicy when I feel like I’ve disappointed someone and am having trouble fixing it. (Yes, I am aware that I’m a slightly neurotic person, I’m working on it!) For example, I made a bit of a mistake and got slightly admonished by my boss. She was very kind about it, but when I realized it was hard to reverse what I had done, I needed a few minutes to get myself together and avoid a bit of a meltdown. (Everything got fixed in the end, and I was alright within minutes of my initial meltdown. I’m really not a basketcase, I promise!) So, yeah, no matter how much I channel my bb Mike Ross (I mean in the smart impressive way, not the drugs way…), I don’t think the office life is for me.

Internship 2: (This is my favorite internship, shhh, don’t tell the other one!)

My other internship is in a local professional theatre’s box office! I LOVE the atmosphere there, and it’s been really interesting getting to see what happens on the other side of a production! Now I see all of the audience members, bits of their lives as they walk about the theatre, I hear their daily struggles (some people are chatty). I love seeing how the routine changes for each part of a theatre. For example, while I’m printing and giving out tickets in the box office, and I hear the stage manager call half-hour till curtain on our walkie-talkie, I think about how I would probably be doing hair or warming up backstage if I were in a show.
Also, seeing actors come in and out of rehearsal when I’m working not during show hours is KILLER. It’s the feeling of, “Oohhhhh,  I want to be doing what you’re doing right now!!”

This job comes with some PERKS, too. As you can imagine, working in a professional theatre is a valuable experience as an actress. Getting comp tickets to shows and access to dress rehearsals, meeting people, working on people skills, knowing exactly how professional theatres work, who reports to whom; there is never bad knowledge to gain.

Not to mention the fact that next season’s plays are sitting right in the box office for reading purposes. Helloooo, monologues 😉

Okay, I do believed I’ve sufficiently rambled on. If you have the opportunity to apply for or take internships, APPLY APPLY, TAKE TAKE. They’re great experiences, and you WILL do a lot of growing and learning.

I hope your day is going beautifully, and if not, I hope it gets better. Have a good one!

– Alli 😀

Your Freshman Dorm

So, you’re going into college?! HOORAY. Happy Almost-Move in-Time!

If you’re anything like me, you have probably been working on lists and ideas for months now!

If you still need a little bit of inspiration, though, worry not, friend! I can break this down into steps for you:

dorm collage

1) Step 1- GET ACCUSTOMED TO THE IDEA OF A SMALLLL SPACE.  Above are some pics of my freshman dorm. (Click to make it bigger.) My desk was next to my bed on the same wall, as you can hopefully see from the top two pictures. I had that organizer for extra space (Bed Bath and Beyond!), and it turned out that my roommate had the exact same thing! The top right picture was taken sitting on my bed. The closet was just to the right of the top of my bed along another wall, right next to my roommate’s closet. She had almost the exact same set up on her side.

2)- Step 2- Make a list of  “essentials.” Stuff from your personal life you can’t live without, and helpful things to have in a dorm. I will do a post on these very soon! You can also do a nice little google search! Big tip: Make sure you find a list of what you CANNOT have in freshman dorms at your school. 

3) Step 3- Figure out what makes you comfortable. Do you like to have an organized space? Is a comfortable space with lots of pillows where you’ll get most of your homework done and spend downtime? Once you’ve got that figured out, you’ll know how you want your basic layout to go. I liked a combination of both- I wanted a place I could relax and hang out on the internet (aka, my life), which ended up being my bed. But I also needed a space I could be productive, which was my desk!

4) Step 4- From this, figure out how you’ll want to decorate. Since I knew I wanted something comfortable, and that I would be really missing my friends and family, I had a bunch of pictures printed, which I then combined into a collage in 2 big frames. I hung those over my bed, and had a BILLION extra pictures. Which is where that GIANT photo wall comes from in the bottom left picture. It really provided a comforting, warm atmosphere for me.

5) Step 5- Talk to your roommate! Once you find out who your roommate is,  I suggest writing to him or her on facebook, email, send a text, whatever, to find out how you guys will mesh, and what you do and don’t need, supplies-wise. Do you want a TV in your room? If the school offers a mini-fridge, will you buy it together, rent it together? If not, will one of you buy a mini fridge? Who will buy cleaning supplies? (In my case, “Will you be okay with me singing really loudly a lot? I’m a musical theatre major.” :D) Plus, it’s just fun to get to know your roommate before you meet!

6) Step 6- ORGANIZE! Get on your favorite stores’ websites, and see what they have to offer you in the way of prices and what you need. Next, make LISTS!!! (I love lists.) Or spreadsheets! (Love those, too.) I made a big spreadsheet that I would love to share with you in the “essentials” post. As you buy each thing, check it off of your list.

So! Those are all the tips for planning your freshman dorm that I can think of! If there are any specific questions, I am always happy to answer them!

Thanks for reading,

Alli 🙂

Pleased to meet you!

Hello, people of the interweeeebs!

My name is Alli, and with this blog I aim to document my college-aged life (whether the events be happening on-campus or not), while offering help to those who come to seek it!

If you’d like to see a more extensive “About Me,” please click on the “About” tab at the top of the page!


  • I really like cats. Judge me.
  • Theatre: yes, good.
  • Baking is great, but sometimes it doesn’t work. We roll with the punches.
  • I was born 3 months premature.
  • That’s all I can think of for now.

Expect a more normal-type post soon!

Byeeee! 🙂