Your Freshman Dorm

So, you’re going into college?! HOORAY. Happy Almost-Move in-Time!

If you’re anything like me, you have probably been working on lists and ideas for months now!

If you still need a little bit of inspiration, though, worry not, friend! I can break this down into steps for you:

dorm collage

1) Step 1- GET ACCUSTOMED TO THE IDEA OF A SMALLLL SPACE.  Above are some pics of my freshman dorm. (Click to make it bigger.) My desk was next to my bed on the same wall, as you can hopefully see from the top two pictures. I had that organizer for extra space (Bed Bath and Beyond!), and it turned out that my roommate had the exact same thing! The top right picture was taken sitting on my bed. The closet was just to the right of the top of my bed along another wall, right next to my roommate’s closet. She had almost the exact same set up on her side.

2)- Step 2- Make a list of  “essentials.” Stuff from your personal life you can’t live without, and helpful things to have in a dorm. I will do a post on these very soon! You can also do a nice little google search! Big tip: Make sure you find a list of what you CANNOT have in freshman dorms at your school. 

3) Step 3- Figure out what makes you comfortable. Do you like to have an organized space? Is a comfortable space with lots of pillows where you’ll get most of your homework done and spend downtime? Once you’ve got that figured out, you’ll know how you want your basic layout to go. I liked a combination of both- I wanted a place I could relax and hang out on the internet (aka, my life), which ended up being my bed. But I also needed a space I could be productive, which was my desk!

4) Step 4- From this, figure out how you’ll want to decorate. Since I knew I wanted something comfortable, and that I would be really missing my friends and family, I had a bunch of pictures printed, which I then combined into a collage in 2 big frames. I hung those over my bed, and had a BILLION extra pictures. Which is where that GIANT photo wall comes from in the bottom left picture. It really provided a comforting, warm atmosphere for me.

5) Step 5- Talk to your roommate! Once you find out who your roommate is,  I suggest writing to him or her on facebook, email, send a text, whatever, to find out how you guys will mesh, and what you do and don’t need, supplies-wise. Do you want a TV in your room? If the school offers a mini-fridge, will you buy it together, rent it together? If not, will one of you buy a mini fridge? Who will buy cleaning supplies? (In my case, “Will you be okay with me singing really loudly a lot? I’m a musical theatre major.” :D) Plus, it’s just fun to get to know your roommate before you meet!

6) Step 6- ORGANIZE! Get on your favorite stores’ websites, and see what they have to offer you in the way of prices and what you need. Next, make LISTS!!! (I love lists.) Or spreadsheets! (Love those, too.) I made a big spreadsheet that I would love to share with you in the “essentials” post. As you buy each thing, check it off of your list.

So! Those are all the tips for planning your freshman dorm that I can think of! If there are any specific questions, I am always happy to answer them!

Thanks for reading,

Alli 🙂


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