Dorm Decorating: Clocks!

Hello there, friendly faces!

Clocks! You can make a clock with just about anything! Decoupage, paint, stick on some fake flowers, some stickers, pictures! Just as long as the thing you want to make it out of is able to have a hole drilled into it, and can fit a clock kit and hands, you are golden!

This can be used to dress up boring dorm walls, and can be used for functionality and practicality as well! Keeping you organized with time!

Today’s post comes with a bit of backstory!

My best friend is named Kelly. When Kelly was like 5 or something, she sat on Santa’s lap at the mall, and told him what she wanted for Christmas: an analog clock and pencils. (Yes, 5 years old. Nerds Unite!!)

Soooooo, when I found a DIY on clocks, my thought process went as follows: “clock, analog clock, analog clock and pencils, analog clock WITH PENCILS!!!”

And that’s when I decided I would make Kelly an analog clock WITH pencils.

oh myyy

This is Kelly and I being incredibly photogenic.

With a plan of clock, pencils, and dictionary decoupage (because smart!) in mind, I went on an adventure to AC Moore!



Dictionary (I made copies of the pages)

Mod Podge

Yellow Acrylic Paint if not using real pencils.

Note: If you do plan to use real pencils, make sure they’re thin enough to fit on your clock kit!

A clock base (Started with just a circle of wood, and went back to buy the pre-drilled hole clock base at AC Moore.)


A clock kit (found at AC Moore for about $8.00) I bought the one with hands and numbers included.


A long strip of THIN wood to make the pencils.

I  also ended up using a hole punch and larger, sparkly black numbers.

First, I picked out words in the dictionary I wanted to feature. I started with “friendship,” “French horn” (she plays the french horn), “space,” because she likes space and universes and the like, “acting,” “cello” (show joke), and “celebrities.” I ended up only using “friendship,” “acting,” “French Horn,” and “Space.”

First, cut those featured words out of your copied dictionary pages.


Then, begin to decoupage! Cut the rest of the pages up into sizeable chunks, depending on the size of your clock base. I painted Mod Podge on the backs of the paper, and stuck it on  the clock base, covering the edges first.


Next, fill in the middle space, still working with “extra” words, and not your featured words yet. Take care not to cover up your clock’s hole!

Once you’ve filled in the spaces, start figuring out where you want to place your featured words.

Tip: Try to find a place they won’t get covered by numbers or the center of the clock. It all depends on your clock’s size. 

I ended up with this:


Give a nice coat of Mod Podge right over that baby!


While you wait for that to dry, get to crafting the pencils!

This is where I went off and did what I WANTED! By all means, you are welcome to copy my project if you’re seeing this and liking it, but you don’t have to. So basically, this sentence acts as an excuse for my writing switching from second-person instructions to first-person instructions. (I’m sorry, I couldn’t let it slide!!)

My wooden thing was thin enough to cut with scissors. I cut it in half, and then cut diagonally on both sides to make a tip like a pencil. Then I cut the other half of the wood to match.



I did the next step when my clock was mostly dry, but you can do it at any time!

At first, I wanted to use the pencils as hands. So I measured how long my “minute hand” pencil would be in relation to the center hole of the clock base, then did the same with the “hour hand” pencil.


Once those were cut down to size, I punched a hole in the bottom with a regular hole punch. (This was not easy! Really used those muscles!) Then, I painted my “pencils” yellow, and colored in the tip with an actual pencil!


It turned out that the hole punch made a hole too big to fit well on the clock gears. So I snipped the hole-y ends off and adapted!

Once the Mod Podge had dried, it was time to assemble the clock face. I didn’t like the look of the small, gold numbers. SO! I took some larger sparkly, black number stickers and stuck them on the clock face. You may want to spend a little time getting the spacing right!


I followed the instructions on the back of my clock kit to assemble to clock face and kit, and then I set the time.

IMG_7838 (1)

At this point, I still wanted to incorporate the pencils. After all, that was the whole point, wasn’t it?

So, with the ends snipped off, I got out the hot glue gun and glued the pencils on in places that still resembled clock hands, and didn’t block any featured words!


At this point, I could have been done! But I noticed that the clock hands were just too faint to see, especially with the pencils there throwing you off.

So, I gave them a quick spritz of black spray paint, and assembled them right back on!


There! Now Kelly will be able to tell what time it is, and still appreciate the cuteness of the pencils!

And there you have it! An analog clock made WITH pencils.


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