Event Planning: NYE, Food Edition!

In my last post about my New Year’s Eve party, I mentioned how I love to figure out which recipes I’ll be making for each party by repinning recipes from Pinterest!

I’m not at the point in my cooking life in which I’m adapting recipes left and right, so I will link you straight to the recipes I used with their respectful blogs!

Please click on the pictures to visit the recipes! None of the pictures used are mine.


Mini Spinach Lasagna Roll-Ups.


Spinach, Mozerella, and Pesto Crescent Rolls. (In this recipe, I used Garlic Butter Pillsbury Crescent Rolls instead, and it tasted great.)



Chicken and Spinach Pasta Bake (seriously SO GOOD, WOULD RECOMMEND.)



New Year’s Toffee Bark! The recipe calls it Christmas Crack. Instead of red and green M&M’s, I used silver and gold M&M-like candies I got from William’s Sonoma.



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