Event Planning: New Year’s Eve!


The countdown!

Personally, I felt that 2013 was a bit of stand-still for me. I wasn’t sure in which direction I wanted to take my education of theatre. I felt stuck in a crossroads: knowing what I wanted, not knowing how to achieve it. I also felt like I wasn’t at a top-notch place with my view on myself either. I think that 2013 was the road to good things. I started therapy for some anxiety issues that have made me feel less than myself these past couple years, and I feel like that is well on its way to being under control. I love myself wholeheartedly again, and I’m finally at a place that I can say I have a clearer plan for how I intend my future to play out.

I’m going to consider 2013 a filler. I loved so many things that happened this year, and everything deserves acknowledgement, because without that, what was I doing all year? You don’t take a break from living. But now I feel that I’ve made decisions, and I can feel that 2014 will be more of a conscious-choice and fulfillment kind of year for me. Those are my favorite kind of years.

So! In order to celebrate, what do we do?? PARTY, OBVIOUSLY.


I knew I really wanted a solid gold backdrop for SOMETHING, because I repinned it onto my NYE board and i could not stop thinking about it . I found this fabric at JoAnn’s on sale, and I think it looks lovely draped there! I’m obsessed with lights, so they had to be there. The gold vase is from Homegoods, the glass vases next to them are filled with silver and gold ornaments, and I used small silver tea candle holders next to them. I like the symmetrical feel of it!

I don’t know if I’ve talked about it on this blog yet, but I really do love me some good event planning. Love. It. I love organizing and decorating and seeing how everything comes together!

For me, the party planning process usually starts with a Pinterest board. (link to my pinterest here, and link to my NYE party board here.) I use it like an inspiration board, (as it’s intended to be used, I think?) and gather all of my ideas and inspiration; gather a color scheme and decoration ideas, as well as browsing my food boards and deciding which recipes work the best!

If you are interested in what was cooked and served at my party, I will link to that blog post here!

My color scheme: gold and silver, obvi.


These NYE letters were a bit of a last minute decision! I saw them in the craft store and decided to grab them. I painted them silver and voila!

I was actually the most unorganized with this party as I have been with a party in a while. I left all the shopping until the day of the party. Luckily, I had organized myself with shopping lists, decided which stores to hit in which order, and had my dress already. Also luckily, guests weren’t arriving until 7:00, so I had all day to shop and get the house ready. There was not a dull moment, let me just tell you!

I’m just gonna insert pictures and let you see for yourself what the outcome was!


I found these beautiful gold ball string lights at Marshalls for $3! The apothocary jar (I HAVE THIS THING FOR GLASS JARS, OKAY?) was about $8. The glitter candlesticks were leftover from a party I had over the summer. Pretty much just mod-podged on some gold glitter to wooden candlesticks, found at AC Moore!


I always like to have a drinks/pretty table. I knew I wanted somewhere to display the noisemakers and party things, and the giant martini glass seemed very appropriate! (Marshalls/Homegoods!) The napkins and plates were from the party store, and the plastic champagne flutes as well. The tin drink tub is from AC Moore.


I made the little stirrers for these glasses the day of the party! I used glued small wooden beads onto skewers, let them dry, then painted the top metallic silver!


Here is a picture of the full table! The balloons were a last minute decision as well, I just wanted to get some height to this table!

Here’s to the good things, new experiences, and lessons learned in 2014. As the psychic I visited yesterday said, “it’ll be a good one!” (Hopefully she’s right. I will make it so!)


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