Theatre Youtube. LifeUniversity Youtube. (Work in progress!)

Hello, friends! I find these blog-type scenarios are more comforting and exciting when you feel comfortable and at-home while browsing a person’s blog. In an effort to help that, I’d like to give you a wee bit of background info on me and what I plan to do with this blog!

First off, my name is Alli. I am a Theatre Arts major with a passion for all things theatre and artistic. Can’t get enough of it. I am a very organized person who LOVES decorating, planning, and being crafty!

pink headshot

(this is one of my headshots, in case you were wondering what I look like!)

With this blog, I plan on basically documenting pieces of my life through my time at (probably multiple, but we’ll talk about that later) universities. I am all about helping people, so in this blog, plan to expect:

  • dorm decorating/organizing posts (tagged under “dorm diy”, “DIY”)
  • motivational type posts about who you are, what you want, and all that blabbity gook. (what does blabbity gook mean??? Sometimes I make up expressions…)
  • Organization tips for all around lifey-things!
  • Recipes we might try!
  • Lifestyle posts about things that make me happy! I am ALL about being happy and positive!

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